Trading Up To Your Next Home

If you need to sell a house before you buy your new home, you need to make your offer conditional upon the sale of your house.

This gives you the time to obtain an unconditional offer on the sale of your home before you commit yourself to the new purchase.

Once you have an offer on the sale of your house, it is ideal if you can settle on the sale of your old home and the purchase of your new home on the same date (or you could settle on the sale of your old house prior to settling on the new house, if you have somewhere to say in the interim period). This ensures a very straight-forward process for yourself, your solicitor and for the arranging of your new mortgage.

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“Thank you so much for everything you have done for us in getting us to our new property. We really appreciate the work you did in getting the best benefits for us, and we trust that the minor changes we made we weren’t too frustrating for you – apologies for those and thanks for your patience. Rest assured we will encourage our personal friends to make contact with yourself if they are in the need. Once again we really value all you did for us and will continue to keep in contact for our future financial requirements.”

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Can I buy a new home before I sell my current house?

If you have sufficient income to service two loans, and enough equity for the lender to agree, then this can be arranged – although fees and charges sometimes apply.

If you would like to buy before you sell, it is important to discuss this with me before making any offers on new properties, so you know exactly where you stand.

You might like to consider keeping your old home as a rental anyway? You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this may be, with the correct loan structure.

Contact me now to arrange a pre-approval.

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