Sometimes it’s tricky for self-employed borrowers to obtain a mortgage.

Not everyone can provide payslips from a regular PAYE job. From a bank’s perspective, lending to the self-employed carries more risk than salaried employees because your income is not guaranteed, especially in the current economic climate.  It is important to target the correct bank for your own situation, and we also know how to present your mortgage application in a way that maximises your chance of approval.

If you are self-employed and want a mortgage for any reason, make life easy and talk to me first. I have a wide range of main bank and non-bank options for the self-employed, and I can target the right lender for your circumstances, to get you the right answer.

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“We highly recommend Sonya. She is very professional and has helped us with several different mortgages over the years. Thank you Sonya for your help.”

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“Thank you also for all your help with our mortgage – you made the whole process a lot less daunting! It feels great to be in our own house at last – I think we will be very happy here.”

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