Refinancing may be under-taken to reduce interest, extend the repayment term, consolidate other debts, or to reduce your mortgage payments.

Sooner or later, some customers find that their own bank is no longer the best option for them.

  • Perhaps you feel that your current bank is not as competitive as it once was or, more commonly, your bank is no longer able to provide the appropriate products for you to meet your future goals?
  • Another common concern is the high turn-over of “personal bankers” in the bank branches, which results in a lack of continuity and personal service.
  • Perhaps you are a property investor wanting to add to your portfolio but you are uneasy about having all your lending eggs in one basket?

Contact me to discuss your situation, and I can make recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

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“Sonya has been our broker through property transfers and refinancing. Great personal service, absolutely simple processes and no hassles. Thoroughly recommended!!”

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“Your wonderful service was so much appreciated, so professionally presented at all times. It was a pleasure to do business with you. You are our first and only point of contact next time.”

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