Ever wondered how you would pay your mortgage if you got sick and couldn’t go to work?

How long would your income continue to come in if you were off work sick for a long time? Many employees only receive around ten days sick leave a year, so after just two weeks absent from work, they lose their income and may have to rely on the government sickness benefit. This is useful, but probably hugely short of what you really need to maintain your lifestyle.

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“We have used Sonya Reid as our mortgage broker since we first bought our home 9 years ago. We have found her to be reliable, trustworthy and always prompt with responses. We have been impressed with her ability to understand our needs and negotiate good deals for us. Her excellent advice in taking personal risk insurance was instrumental in recovery after both subsequently being diagnosed with cancer, and proved to be life-saving in that we were able to stop work and concentrate on recovery and support to each other. Sonya clearly has her clients’ best interests at heart and we will continue to highly recommend her to our friends and colleagues. She is the complete package!”

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Did you know that, for every home lost through fire, 38 homes are lost due to the home-owner suffering a temporary disability, and a further 3 homes are lost due to the death of the home-owner?

Most people take out house and contents insurance to protect themselves from fire, damage and theft, but many people do not adequately protect their biggest asset of all, which is their ability to maintain their standard of living by earning an income.

  • That your home will be damaged by fire? 1 in 200
  • That your home will be burgled? 1 in 100
  • That you will suffer a major medical illness before the age of 65? 2 in 5
  • That you will be unable to work for 6 mths or more due to disablement? 1 in 3

Let’s say your gross annual income is $65,000 and you are thirty years old. If you lost your ability to earn income at your current age (through illness, accident or injury), that is a potential loss of over $2 million for you for the rest of your working life, this is without taking into account salary increases etc.  As this example shows, your income-earning ability is a far greater asset than the value of your home!

It is awful to see surviving family members struggling with mortgage payments after the unexpected death of a loved one. If the unexpected happens, most people want to be able to cover their major costs such as mortgage payment or rent, children’s education and care, credit card & hire purchase debt etc. How much protection you have is up to you, and depends on your individual circumstances. I can help you work out a plan that suits you.

As well as a mortgage broker, I am a qualified insurance adviser, and specialise in the areas of personal risk, e.g. life, trauma, income protection and mortgage protection insurances. This fits well with my mortgage broker role because I want to help you buy your home and I want to ensure you keep your home even if you suffer an illness or injury which prevents you from working for a period of time or indefinitely.

In this section, read about the main types of personal risk available, and don’t hesitate to contact me for a free review of your options.

Term Life

A lump sum payment in the event of death or terminal illness. It provides your family with a lump sum to help replace lost income or repayment of debt (e.g. mortgage).


A lump sum payment in the event of a serious illness or accident. This lump sum payment will help give you the financial freedom to control your own destiny; seek alternative or non-Pharmac funded treatment, get the help you need, or replace a lost income.

Total Permanent Disability

A lump sum payment if you become totally and permanently disabled. You can use this lump sum to help pay off debt, replace a lost income, pay for rehabilitation or any additional help you may need.

Income Cover

A monthly benefit if you are unable to work because of a disability (illness or injury). It helps you to maintain your cash flow and continue to plan for your future despite suffering a disability.

Mortgage Protection

A monthly payment to cover the cost of your mortgage if you are unable to work because of a disability. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that if you were unable to work, your mortgage will be paid and your home will remain secure.

Redundancy Cover

A monthly payment to cover the cost of your mortgage if you are made redundant or made bankrupt.

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